Pstorm 1,106

7 July 2015


The Tomb is empty —

And I am in it.


Pstorm 1,105

6 July 2015


Only a hypocrite would preach,
“Remember the War!” —

while ignoring the senseless
and systemic slaughter

of her neighbors
by the police.


Pstorm 1,104

3 July 2015


The invasion of Iraq
is the last paragraph

of the American chapter
in The Book of Habakuk.


Pstorm 1,103

2 July 2015


Those who start wars

never live to finish them.


Pstorm 1,102

1 July 2015


Imperialism is invasion —

not liberation.


Pstorm 1,101

30 June 2015


Only an Emperor would invade a sovereign nation

under the guise of liberating its people,


Pstorm 1,100

29 June 2015


Freedom without responsibility

is fanaticism.


Pstorm 1,099

26 June 2015


How did I
get here?

How did it
come to this?

Lost faith.
Lost friends.

Lost soul.
Lost god.

The Devil
never beat me

in the prison
of tragedy,

but sent
his children

to kill me —
the ones who thought

they were doing
god’s work.

Those snakes and
sons of vipers

poisoned me
under the guise

of it being
for my own good.

They thought they
were doing

the right thing,
but they

couldn’t have been
more wrong.

And I would

burn in Hell
for all eternity

than live lies
in Paradise.


Pstorm 1,098

26 June 2015


My grandparents
were married
for over sixty years.

They never
saw a therapist,
never consulted

a psychiatrist,
and certainly
never read

a damned
self-help book —
but, they did

Love each other.


Pstorm 1,097

25 June 2015


An insecure woman
may make
a man miserable,

but an angry woman
makes everybody
absolutely miserable.


Pstorm 1,096

24 June 2015


Rock ‘n’ roll
teaches people
that they have problems.

Blues teaches people
how to deal with
their problems.

And christian music
teaches people to ignore
their problems.

But Soul, Soul, Sweet Soul
will teach you
how to have a life.

And the greatest Jazz
will give you
something to celebrate.


Pstorm 1,095

23 June 2015


A relationship is what happens
when two people no longer love each —

And instead of living,
a man and a woman

waste their life
analyzing it.


Pstorm 1,094

22 June 2015


A relationship is what happens

when people no longer love each other.


Pstorm 1,093

19 June 2015


Art is the bane of psychology.

And psychology is the bane of life and love.


Pstorm 1,092

18 June 2015


Nobody ever solved a problem sitting around all damned day talking about it.